Reyes Beer Division

Chicago Beverage Systems, L.L.C.

The oldest member of the Reyes Holdings family of businesses, Chicago Beverage Systems began with the acquisition of Campbell Distributing in Chicago, Illinois in November 1979. At the time it joined Reyes Holdings, it had only 25 employees, delivering less than one million cases of product per year. Today, Chicago Beverage Systems is the leading beer distributor in one of the world's largest beer markets.

Chicago Beverage Systems operates from a 298,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility on the city's near West Side. Hand-held computers used in the field, and cutting-edge software in the office, along with an automated warehouse, enable Chicago Beverage Systems to achieve accurate and timely orders for their customers. Retailers orders are instantly transmitted from hand-held computers in the field back to an order entry system at the office, which arranges all orders by route and account. The orders are then automatically sent to the automated warehouse system, which robotically arranges the orders by truckload putting the right product into the correct bay of the truck for ease of delivery and order accuracy.

Chicago Beverage Systems proudly sells and distributes the largest portfolio of imported, craft beer and domestic brands in Chicago, delivering 8 million cases of beer each year to more than 2,200 retailers across the Chicago metro area.

The company's suppliers include:
Boston Beer
Crown Imports
Heineken USA
Miller Brewing Company
Molson Coors Brewing Company
New Belgium
Sierra Nevada

Reyes Holdings Facts

Chicago Beverage Systems is the largest beer distributor in the Midwest.


Chicago Beverage Systems is the oldest member of the Reyes Holdings family of businesses.