Reinhart Foodservice

Founded in 1972, Reinhart Foodservice is the country's 4th largest foodservice distributor and the largest supplier to leading restaurant chains such as Subway and Burger King.

Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, the company provides fresh produce, proteins, ingredients, supplies and equipment to customers across the United States. Our modern fleet covers the Midwest south to Texas and the Gulf states, and extends to the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida.

Reinhart Foodservice is committed to the highest levels of customer service providing its customers with menu planning assistance, nutrition services support, an extensive lending library, TRACS Direct order entry and foodservice management software and training, weekly specials and educational seminars.

With 30 state-of-the-art distribution centers Reinhart serves every segment of the food industry from independent and chain restaurants to schools and healthcare facilities. The company's original mission of delivering exceptional high-quality products, personal service and value to its customers is stronger than ever today.

To learn more about Reinhart Foodservice, visit their website.

Reyes Holdings Facts

Reinhart Foodservice is a leader in the chain segment supporting national and emerging chains.


Reinhart Foodservice supports independent operators including our growing focus on Healthcare operators.


Our industry leading TRACS Direct online ordering platform allows operators total control over inventory and food cost.