Reyes Academy

Reyes Academy is a state-of-the-art facility where Reyes Family of Businesses employees get the training they need to continuously improve our transportation and distribution operation

Reyes Academy seeks to improve proficiency and expertise in transportation and distribution across the Reyes Family of Businesses through a rigorous curriculum of hands-on instruction, advanced simulation technology, testing and standard process orientation. Reyes Academy will graduate engaged transportation professionals who are better equipped to meet the challenges they face in today’s business environment. Training at Reyes Academy focuses on operating capability, safety, compliance and Reyes professionalism – and our professional staff at the Academy trains +200 employees each year.

Realistic environments provide real experience

Reyes Holdings’ immersive truck driver training simulators create vivid and compelling virtual environments, and have been demonstrated to improve safety and efficiency.

Truck Driver Simulator is designed to give both new and veteran operators a meaningful training experience. Multiple high-definition displays give an expansive, geometrically correct +300º field-of-view with adjustable inset mirrors.

Three points of contact with the vehicle at all times

At Reyes Academy, we teach our transportation professionals how to operate safely and effectively at all times. Our full-size training vehicles help us teach our team best practices to ensure long-term safety for themselves and their teammates while climbing on and off their vehicle during the work day.

Three points of contact – always having one foot and two hands or one hand and two feet in contact with a handle, ladder, or piece of the equipment – helps prevent falls and injuries. We help our employees be their own safety ambassadors so that they can work safely in a safe environment!

Not your typical safety training, Slip Simulator

Slip Simulator training places individuals on a safe, controlled training simulator that allows them to experience what it feels like to walk on a surface more slippery than ice. They then learn techniques to improve stability and reduce their risk of falling. The Slip Simulator was developed from published university research, and proven to reduce slips, trips and falls by up to 70%. Most importantly, it is fun and engaging, providing a memorable experience and solidifying learning.

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