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Reyes Fleet Management

Reyes Fleet Management

Reyes Fleet Management (RFM) serves the Reyes Family of Businesses in the areas of asset management, safety and compliance, and transportation training.

RFM functions as a part of Reyes Holdings, supporting the missions of our unique distribution companies across the United States. RFM ranks in the top 5 of managed transportation assets in the country and is the 6th largest fleet in the U.S.. With extensive knowledge of the transportation and distribution industry, the Reyes Fleet Management team works with each Business Unit to reduce costs, ensure compliance standards and assist locations with value-added solutions to provide world class equipment and personnel.


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Reyes Fleet manages a state-of-the-art training facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia - ‘Reyes Academy’. This facility trains 600+ individuals a year, assisting Reyes Family of Businesses employees in getting the training they need to continuously improve our transportation and distribution operations and their professional skills.

All Reyes Drivers and able to and encouraged to attend the academy, with all new hire drivers sent automatically.

Reyes Academy
Reyes Rodeo
Reyes Rodeo

In 2018, the Reyes Family of Businesses began a new tradition - Reyes Rodeo. This event brings together professional truck drivers (and their families) from across the enterprise in the spirit of friendly competition. The top drivers are chosen from each business unit by leadership and flown to Reyes Academy in Fredericksburg, Virginia to meet, compete and celebrate with other drivers from across the Nation.

Reyes Rodeo is an event the embodies the spirit of the Reyes Family of Businesses; always pushing to be best in class, never missing an opportunity to learn from one another and having fun while getting the job done.