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Premium Distributors Honored With Award For Craft Beer Promotion

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) and the Brewers Association are (BA) are proud to announce that Premium Distributors of Washington, D.C., has been named as the 2008 recipient of the Craft Beer Distributor Achievement Award. The Craft Beer Distributor Achievement Award, which is in its second year, recognizes a beer distributor who has gone above and beyond to market, promote and sell craft beer. The award was jointly presented by NBWA and BA on October 11 at the 27th Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

Premium Distributors, which works with 14 different craft breweries from across the United States and distributes craft beer in more than 1,200 of its retail accounts, was honored for its outstanding promotion of the craft beer category. Premium Distributors hosts and participates in countless craft beer events in and around Washington, D.C., each year including craft beer and food pairing events, seasonal craft beer launches and a Craft Beer Expo. Premium also provides a Specialty Beer Program in which craft brewers and specialty retailers educate the sales and delivery staff about the craft beer segment.

“The craft beer segment has experienced another year of tremendous growth thanks in part to the strong relationship between craft brewers and beer distributors,” said NBWA Chairman Phil Terry. “NBWA is proud to honor Premium Distributors for going above and beyond to help strengthen the craft beer segment and bring American consumers the most extensive choice and variety of beer in the world.”

“The three-tier system and beer distributors provide a level playing field allowing brewers large and small, craft and multinational, equal access to consumers,” continued Terry. “Premium Distributors has shown dedication to delivering new craft beers to consumers by stocking store shelves with these brands.”

Brewers Association President Charlie Papazian added, “America’s beer drinkers are experiencing unprecedented choice and value in the marketplace. That is due in large part to the valuable service that beer distributors provide to craft brewers. The continuing efforts of beer distributors to educate retailers and consumers about craft beers has helped to expand the market for craft brands and build widespread enthusiasm for craft beer. Congratulations to Premium Distributors for promoting craft beer and making consumer choice a priority.”

Since Prohibition was repealed with the 21st Amendment 75 years ago, beer distributors have served as the critical link in the three-tier American beer distribution system. This successful system gives smaller, more unique beers a vehicle to market, provides consumers with the choice they desire and works to keep consumers safe from counterfeit and poisonous alcohol found in other countries around the world.