Reyes Fleet

The backbone of the Reyes Family of Businesses fleet operations

A few Reyes Fleet Management wearing the Reyes safety uniform are sharing their thoughts on being a part of the "Reyes" team while showing around the work with equipment and machines. The takeaways from what they are sharing during the interview can be found here: “I love being a mechanic. It's the one thing I like the most since I was small, you know, I’ll take things apart and try to put it back together make sure it's still working, and if not take it back apart, making sure it is working again. And same thing here, you all you're looking for something that is an issue and you definitely try to fix it and put it back together. What I like about working here is everybody shares the same principles, like Integrity, honesty and compassion for what we're doing. It's really important that you have those three elements, because if you don't it really reflects on your work. They don't hesitate to invest in anything and everything that belongs to Reyes. They want to make sure you got all the tools you need to do your job. Safety’s number one, that you know the uniform have the safety reflectors. We have modules that we take every morning for safety. We also have the system of networks, we look at Navistar web-based system with real-time data. Following these tractors around shows us what kind of problems we are running into even before the driver knows about. They do a lot of training with us hands-on that really promotes a good intuitive learning curve for us. Technology is moving faster than everybody else. For a young guy that had to drive, the skill of, you know get started and I think they would do anything Got a heads up to drive in a skilled enough to get started that I think they would do anything to help them to get going on that. The level of independence you have here, and you know we're not micromanaging. Everybody smiles at you here, when you want five or say hello to you look at you. At some other places when you worked there, and I didn't really share that level of respect towards each other. The pay is competitive. The benefits are extraordinary. I have a wife and two kids and we're all on the benefits program. It has helped us out a lot. I just had a baby 2 months ago, and I'm glad that we have the benefits we do. It makes me feel proud to work here because Reyes doesn't cut corners to anything that they need to invest in, whether it's building, the fleet, their employees. They don't hesitate to make sure that they get everything they need for their full potential."

Reyes Fleet Overview

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About Reyes Fleet Management

RFM is a part of Reyes Holdings, supporting the majority of locations for each of our business units across the United States

A man wearing Reyes Fleet Manager uniform working at his computer desk at one of the facilities

RFM is one of the largest fleets in the United States, servicing and maintaining the fleet of trucks and equipment for the Reyes Family of Businesses across the nation

One of the Largest Private Fleets in the US

Reyes fleet covers most of the US territory
  • 0+states of operation

  • 0+nationwide facilities

  • 0+Total Units Maintained


Reyes Beer Division Fleet Shop – Huntington Beach, CA
RFM maintenance check on Reyes Beer Division truck
Warehouse forklift ready for a tune-up – Niles, IL
Reyes Beer Division Fleet Shop – Huntington Beach, CA
RFM maintenance check on Reyes Beer Division truck
1 / 3RFM maintenance check on Reyes Beverage Group truck

Reyes rodeo

In 2018, the Reyes Family of Businesses began a new tradition, the Reyes Rodeo

This event brings together professional truck drivers and their families from across the enterprise in the spirit of friendly competition.

Three Men shaking hands in front of Reyes Rodeo banner in the background

The top drivers are chosen from each business unit by leadership and flown to Reyes Academy to meet, compete and celebrate with other drivers from across the Nation.

Reyes Academy

Reyes Academy is a state-of-the-art training facility where Reyes Family of Businesses employees get the training they need to continuously improve our transportation and distribution operations.

Explore Reyes Fleet Roles

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